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2018年秋八年级英语上册牛津深圳版上册内文课件:Module2 Unit4(共116张PPT)_图文

Module 2 Science and technology Unit 4 Inventions

关键词汇 advertisement 1. 广告 (n.)___________________ funny 2. 滑稽的;好笑的 (adj.)_______________ 3. 创造;创作 (v.) _______________ create

telephone 4. 电话;电话机 (n.)_______________
5. 使人舒服的;舒适的 (adj.) _______________ comfortable

century 6. 世纪 (n.)________________

关键词汇 7. 乘客;旅客 (n.)_________________ passenger invent 8. 发明;创造 (v.)_________________ 9. 有用的;适用的 (adj.)_______________ practical since 10. 从……以后;自……以来(prep.)______________ 11. 距离;间距 (n.)_________________ distance

关键词汇 12. 在任何时候;随便什么时候

anytime (adv.)_________________
13. 开发;研制 (v.)____________________ develop daytime 14. 白天;日间 (n.)_________________ 15. 特殊的;特别的(adj.)______________ special

16. 引言 (n.)_______________________ introduction

重要词组 live a better life 1. 过更好的生活__________________ since then 2. 自那以来__________________ 3. 允许某人做某事___________________ allow sb. to do sth. keep in touch with 4. 与……保持联系 _______________________ in the daytime 5. 在白天 ______________________ imagine doing sth. 6. 想象做某事______________________

重要词组 7. 使……不接近(或远离)___________________ keep ... off 8. 同时 _________________________ at the same time instead of 9. 代替;作为……的替代 _____________________ make a mess 10. 搞成一团糟 _________________________ 11. 许多说英语的国家

many English-speaking ___________________________ countries 12. 指代 ________________________ refer to

典型句子 1. 伟大的发明改变了世界。(inventions; change) __________________________________________ Great inventions change the world. 2. 在其发明后,旅行变得更快、更舒适。(faster and

more comfortable)
After its invention, travelling became faster and __________________________________________ more comfortable. 3. 几千年前,人们开始在车上使用车轮。(a few thousand years ago)

A few thousand years ago, people started to use __________________________________________ wheels on carriages.

典型句子 4. 自那以来,人们已经可以长距离相互交谈了。(since then)

Since then, people have been able to speak to __________________________________________ each other over long distances. 5. 今天,世界各地数以百万的人拥有自己的移动电话。 (across the world)
Today millions of people across the world own __________________________________________ mobile phones.

典型句子 6. 它们使得人们在任何时间、任何地点都能彼此保持

联系。(keep in touch with)
They allow people to keep in touch with each _________________________________________ other anytime, anywhere. 7. 1879 年,托马斯· 爱迪生研制出第一个实用的电灯。 (develop)

__________________________________________ Thomas Edison developed the first practical light bulb in 1879.

典型句子 8. 有了灯泡,人们可以在晚上做和在白天做的一样多 的事情。(with; as …as)

With light bulbs, people can do as many things in __________________________________________ the evenings as they can in the daytime.

第1课时 Vocabulary 要点精讲 【要点1】 advertisement 思维导图

要点精讲 举例

Advertisements are often used to push the sale. 广
告常常被用作商品促销的手段。 The company advertised goods for sale. 这家公司 为推销产品而做广告。 You can post the advertisement of your products in newspapers. 你们可以把你们产品的广告刊登在报纸 上。

要点精讲 举例

We should consider investing more on advertising.

要点精讲 应用 Advertisements (advertise) can be made in (1) _______________ many ways. (2) ( C )How many ways of _______ are mentioned in the meeting? A. advertise C. advertising B. advertiser

第1课时 Vocabulary 要点精讲 【要点2】funny 思维导图

要点精讲 举例

The little boy looks very funny when he knots his
eyebrows. 那个小男孩皱着眉头的样子很有趣。

It could be fun to watch them. 看它们会是有趣的。
He rolled off his horse so ignobly and funnily that

even the ambassador was fain to burst out. 他狼狈


要点精讲 举例

Wish you have fun learning English this term. 希望

Don't make fun of the disabled! 不要戏弄残疾人!

要点精讲 应用 (1)I'll tell you a _________ (funny) story than funnier Lucy's. (2)Making___________ (funny)of others is fun impolite.

第1课时 Vocabulary 要点精讲 【要点3】 create 思维导图

要点精讲 举例

You can create a website for your organization. 你

The bathroom is entirely my own creation. 这个浴室

Like many creative people, he was never satisfied.

要点精讲 应用 ( C )The dish was _____ by our chef Jean Richard and has been popular since then. A. produced B. invented C. created

第1课时 Vocabulary 要点精讲 【要点4】 comfortable 思维导图

要点精讲 举例 She lives a happy and comfortable life. 她过着幸福

Thank you for your letter to comfort me. 谢谢你来信 安慰我。 Choose some words and repeat them over and over again until you are comfortable with them.挑选 一些单词,一遍遍重复读这些单词,直到你读得顺 口为止。

要点精讲 应用 The car is ________________ more comfortable (comfort) than that one.

第1课时 Vocabulary 要点精讲 【要点5】 invent 思维导图

要点精讲 举例

I don't know who invented the television.


Thomas Edison is a great American inventor. 托马
斯· 爱迪生是一位伟大的美国发明家。

Fax machines were a wonderful invention at that
time. 传真机在那时是一项了不起的发明。

要点精讲 举例

Thomas Edison invented the practical light bulbs.
托马斯· 爱迪生发明了实用的灯泡。

The police are trying to discover the identity of the
killer. 警方正努力调查杀人凶手的身份。

要点精讲 应用

(1)( C )She _____ that they had escaped.
A. discover B. invented C. discovered

(2)( C )The compass was a great Chinese________. A. invent B. inventor C. invention.

第1课时 Vocabulary 要点精讲 【要点6】 practical 思维导图

要点精讲 举例

Your invention is very practical. 你的发明很实用。
She practised playing the piano in the primary

school basement. 她在小学的地下室里练习弹钢琴。
She takes her daughter to basketball practice every

day. 她每天带她的女儿去进行篮球训练。

要点精讲 应用 (1)( C )_____ is very important for learning English well, so you should ______ speaking English every day. A. Practical; practise C. Practice; practise (2)Practical _________ (practice) experience is often very B. Practise; practice


第1课时 Vocabulary 要点精讲 【要点7】 distance 思维导图

要点精讲 举例

There is a long distance from his home town to his
new home. 从他的家乡到他的新家距离很远。

The foreign visitors came from a distant country. 这

要点精讲 应用 A smile is the shortest ______________ (distance) distance between two people.

第1课时 Vocabulary 要点精讲 【要点8】 develop 思维导图

要点精讲 举例

Will they develop their own machines?


It's hard to say at this stage how the market will

Development of new energy takes time.


要点精讲 举例

In the developing world, cigarette consumption is

China is a developing country, not a developed
one. 中国是一个发展中国家,而不是发达国家。

Most cities of this country are undeveloped. 这个国

要点精讲 应用 ( C )America is one of the most ______ countries in the world. A. develop C. developed B. developing

第1课时 Vocabulary 要点精讲 思维导图 【要点9】 introduction

要点精讲 举例 There are introductions in most books. 大多数书

I would like to introduce myself to everyone. 我想

I want to make a simple introduction to all of you.

I want to make an introduction of this kind of music.


要点精讲 应用 ( B )Thank you for your _____ of your hotel. B. introduction C. introduce

A. introduct


1. funny_____________ (比较级) funnier

2. creation ______________(v. ) create
3. comfort ________________(adj. ) comfortable

4. century_____________ (复数形式) centuries
invent 5. invention______________ (v.) 6. introduce _________________(n. ) introduction


distance 7. distant _________________(n. ) 8. develop _________________( 现在分词) developing
special 9. specially ______________ (adj.)

10. passenger _______________( 复数形式) passengers
11. advertise ________________(n.) advertisement dust 12. dusty__________________ (n.)

课堂练习 二、词汇测试

i. 从下面每小题的A、B、C 三个选项中选出可以替

( A ) 1. —Why do you want to buy that kind of car?
—Because it is very practical for my family.

A. useful

B. popular

C. fantastic

课堂练习 ( B ) 2. —He created a new way of painting.

—How great he is!
A.enjoyed B. made C. followed

( C ) 3. —Why do you look unhappy? —I don't know how to improve my spoken English. A. make … fewer
C. make … better

B. make … worse

课堂练习 ( A ) 4. —Did you make any friends during the educational exchange?

—Yes. Although I have come back, I keep in touch
with them. A. stay in touch with B. look out C. find out

课堂练习 ( B ) 5. —Ann and I joined in a painting competition last year. Since then, we have been

good friends.
—Wonderful. You two are real friends. A. At first B. From then on C. At last

课堂练习 ( A ) 6. —Our company is developing a new machine. It's easy to control.

—Really? I can't wait to have a try.
A. producing C. comparing B. protecting

课堂练习 ( B ) 7. —Did Tom go to the cinema? —No, he went to the museum instead of the

A. in front of C. in the place of B. in place of

课堂练习 ( C ) 8. —You should keep off the dangerous animals in the zoo.

—OK, I will.
A. stay with C. stay away from B. go near

课堂练习 ii. 根据句子意思,从下面每小题的A、B、C三个选 项中选出恰当的词语完成句子。

( A )9. The ______ is a public notice that tells
people about things to buy. A. advertisement B. news C. offer

课堂练习 ( C )10. The good weather makes me feel ____ means I feel relaxed because of the weather.

A. funny

B. confused

C. comfortable

( C )11. —I want to have _____ like birds to fly in the sky. —Why? I think you just want to be free. A. eyes B.legs C. wings

课堂练习 ( A )12. —Do you know the _____ between your home and your company?

—No, I just know my home is not far from my
company. A. distance B. length C. height

课堂练习 ( B )13. —Who finished the work first, Tom or Betty?

—They finished the work____.They both did a good
job. A. for a long time B. at the same time C. a long time ago

课堂练习 ( C )14. —How much are these dictionaries? —The price of these dictionaries is ____ than before.

A. much cheaper
C. much higher

B. more expensive

课堂练习 ( B )15. —I missed the beginning of The Voice of China yesterday evening.

—______! But you can watch the replay tonight.
A. Hurry up B. What a pity C. Try your best

第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 1.Since then, people have been able to speak to each other over long distances. 自那以来,人们已经 可以长距离相互交谈了。

第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 用法: (1)since then意为“自那以来”,“since+某时间 (某个时间点或者过去时态的一个句子),sb. have

done sth. ” 意为“自从某个时间以来,某人已经做
了某事”。Since then, I have learnt how to play the

piano. 自那以来,我已经学会了弹钢琴。

第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 用法: (2)be able to do sth.=can do sth. 能够做某事 My little brother is able to walk now. 我的弟弟现在会


第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 应用: (1)We have learnt English_______ since (since / in / from)2008.


___________________________________________ Although much has changed since then, we are still friends.

第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 2.They allow people to keep in touch with each other anytime, anywhere. 它们使得人们在任何时间、任何 地方都能彼此保持联系。

第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 用法: (1)allow sb. to do sth. 意为“允许某人做某事”。 My parents don't allow me to go out in the evenings.

(2)keep in touch with意为“与……保持联系”。

Do you still keep in touch with your old friends? 你还和

(3)each other 意为“互相”。As friends, we should
help each other. 作为朋友,我们应该互相帮助。

第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 拓展: (1)allow doing sth. 意为“允许做某事”。 It doesn’t allow taking pictures here. 这里不允许拍

(2)keep in touch with=stay / be in touch with指

“与……保持联系”,强调一种状态;而get in touch

(3)each other=one another,意为“互相”。

第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 应用: (1)我们老师不允许我们上学迟到。(汉译英) Our teacher doesn't allow us to be late for school. __________________________________________

Does it allow smoking in the park? __________________________________________

(3)微信使我们能够互相保持联系。(汉译英) WeChat helps us keep in touch with each other. __________________________________________

第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 3.With this pair of glasses, you can look behind and in front of you at the same time. 有了这种眼镜,你可 以同时看你的后面和前面。

第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 用法: at the same time=in the meantime=at one time=meanwhile,意为“同时”。

Don't talk at the same time. 大家不要同时说话。

第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 拓展: (1)at the same time在句中作副词短语时,意为 “同一时间”,与meanwhile可以互换使用。 I'm the best student in our school, at the same time/meanwhile, I'm also the president of the Student Union. 我是我们学校最优秀的学生,同时,我也是学


第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 拓展: (2)at the same time在句中作连词短语时,意为 “并且;此外”,与besides意思相近。 At the same time/Besides, I want you to promise me one thing. 此外,我要你答应我一件事。

第2课时 Reading 要点精讲 应用: ( B )Swimming is good for our health, but______, we mustn't forget the danger. A. however C. at the moment B. at the same time

第2课时 Reading 课堂练习 一、用所给单词的适当形式填空 1. He is ______________ (young) than his two younger sisters. older stronger 2. The ________(old) I get, the _____________ (strong) I seem to feel. warmer 3. The weather is getting ____________ (warm) and warmer _________ (warm).

第2课时 Reading 课堂练习 4. Summer is the _____________ (hot) season of hottest the year. 5. Shall we go and ___________ (comfortable) him? comfort

6. Edison, the great ____________ (invent), has inventor
invented __________(invent) over 1,000 ___________ inventions

(invent) in his life.
7. Scientists are ___________ developing (develop) new drugs

to treat cancer.

第2课时 Reading 课堂练习 8. It's ____________ (fun) to see a man walk with funny his hands and head. 9. It seemed to be the most distant _____________(distance) way in the world. 10.They were sitting side by side on the

____________(dust) floor. dusty

第2课时 Reading 课堂练习 二、阅读理解 Everyone celebrates Father's Day a bit differently, but if you are looking for something a bit

different, here are some things or ways you might

Flowers—Yes! How many ties does one Dad
need?If you know your dad has a special, then a

第2课时 Reading 课堂练习 bunch of flowers would be nice. If you are unsure what type of flowers, then a single rose will let him know your care.

Handmade Card/Picture—It doesn't matter if
you're 8, 28 or 48. A handmade card or note from the

heart speaks more of your feelings than the things
you bought from the store.

第2课时 Reading 课堂练习 Home Cooking—Give Mum the day off as well and invite them both over for a good home-cooked meal. But remember today is not the day to test out a

new recipe. Play it safe and stick to Dad's taste.
Dinner—If you're not the home cooking type,

then nothing is better than being treated to a tasty
meal at a nice restaurant surrounded by the ones

第2课时 Reading 课堂练习 you love. It doesn't have to be anywhere fancy, depending on your dad, it could be the neighbourhood dinner.

( B )1. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in
the passage?

A. Flowers.
note.D. A tie.

B. A watch.

C. A handmade

第2课时 Reading 课堂练习 ( B )2. According to the passage, we can infer_____

might often cook at home.
A. son B. Mum

C. Dad

D. daughter

第2课时 Reading 课堂练习 ( D )3. What does the writer advise you to do on Father's Day? A. You must take your father to a fancy restaurant.

B. You should test out a new recipe.
C. You have to buy a tie for your father.

D. You can buy your father a single rose to show
your care.

第2课时 Reading 课堂练习 ( A )4. Which statement is NOT true? A. If you are 38, you can't make a card for your father. B. A handmade card expresses more your feelings

than the things from the store.
C. It's a good idea to invite both of your parents for a

home-cooked meal.
D. You should cook the food your father likes best.

第3课时Grammar 语法聚焦 一、形容词比较级、最高级的不规则变化

第3课时Grammar 语法聚焦 二、(not)as … as的用法 【知识点思维导图】

第3课时Grammar 语法聚焦 【常考知识点详解】 as … as 的习惯用法

(1)as soon as意为“一……就……”,引导时间状

如:I'll call you as soon as I finish my homework. 我

(2)as long as意为“长达……之久;只要……”。
如:We'll help you as far as possible. 我们会尽可能


第3课时Grammar 语法聚焦

如:She has played computer games on the
Internet as long as four hours. 她在因特网上玩游戏

As long as there is life, there is hope.留得生命在,

(3)as much as意为“高达……;与……一样多”,


第3课时Grammar 语法聚焦 如:Some of the stamps worth as much as one million yuan. 有些邮票价值百万元。

(4)as … as possible意为“尽可能……”。
如:Please call me back as soon as possible. 请尽快

(5)as well as意为“也;和……一样”。

如:She sings as well as her mother does.


第3课时Grammar 语法聚焦 (6)as far as 意为“就……(而论);尽……;至于 (表示程度或范围)”。

第3课时Grammar 课堂练习 一、用所给单词的适当形式填空 1. The black mobile phone is as _____________ expensive (expensive) as the white one.

2. He spent ____________(much) money than me more
during the trip to Ningxia. little 3. Miss He has _______________(little) experience, but she is ____________(good) teacher in the the best


第3课时Grammar 课堂练习

worse 4. The weather today is much ____________(bad)
than yesterday. 5.I think this story is much________________ more interesting

(interest) than that one.
better 6. Alice got a ____________(good) mark than Bella

in the English test.
pictures 7. I drew as many _____________(picture) as Penny

last year.

第3课时Grammar 课堂练习 8. This advice is not as____________ (use) as that useful one. 9. The ____________(far) distance she has run is farthest

ten kilometres.
the most 10. Joe made___________ (many) mistakes of all

the students.

第3课时Grammar 二、选择填空 ( C )1. It's believed that playing computer games too much does_______ harm than good.(2017 广东) A. many C. more B. much D. most

第3课时Grammar ( C )2. Daniel is _____his twin brother. They are both 1.75 metres tall. (2017 宿迁) A. taller than C. as tall as B. shorter than D. so tall as


( A )3. —How are you today, Tom?
—I'm even______. I don't think this medicine is good

for me. (2017 呼和浩特)
A. worse B. badly

C. better

D. well

第3课时Grammar ( C )4. —When is the _____time to visit Brazil?

—In August and September, I think. Not too cold, not
too hot. (2017 阜康)

A. hottest

B. hotter

C. best

D. better

( D )5. —How do you like the song Chengdu sung by Zhao Lei? —Oh, I have never enjoyed a_____ one before.

(2017 连云港)
A. worst B. best C. worse D. better

课堂练习 三、语法填空


Nowadays, people seem to depend on the Internet surfing (surf)the so much. They are busy 1. _______

Internet, but how many of them know about
the 2. ______ history of the Internet? The Internet was

set up in the 1960s. At that time, computers were a
lot larger and much3. ______________ more expensive

(expensive). Computer networks (网络)didn't

第3课时Grammar 课堂练习 work well. If one computer in the network 4. _______________ (break)down, the whole broke So network stopped. 5. ____________ a new network

system was set up. It was good enough to be used
by many different computers. At 6. ________ (one), first

the Internet was only used by the government,
but7.______________ the early 1970s, hospitals in

第3课时Grammar 课堂练习 and banks were allowed to use it, too. By the start of the 1990s, computers become cheaper and easier to

use. Scientists had also developed software
8. _____________ that/which made “surfing” the Internet more convenient. Today it is easy to get on the Internet and it is said that9. ____________ (million) millions of people use the Internet every day. The Internet has now become one of the most important parts 10. ____________ (part)of people's life.

第4课时Listening and speaking 口语无忧 本单元我们学习了如何谈论生活中的发明及创造。许 多伟大的科技发明和创新使我们的生活发生了巨大的 变化。随着人类知识的增长,更多意想不到的新发明


第4课时Listening and speaking 口语无忧 话题四 如何讨论生活中的发明及创造 ①相关词组 (请大声朗读以下词汇,看谁读得更标准、 地道) create,develop,produce,spread,about 2,000 years ago,at the beginning of 11th century, invention,change our lives,be used for,

make … better,computer,mobile phone

第4课时Listening and speaking 口语无忧 ②你问我答 请运用下列句子与你组内的一个同伴进行你问他(她) 答,然后互换角色,再进行问答。

1. What do you think is the greatest invention of all

2. When was … invented?
3. Who invented it?

第4课时Listening and speaking 口语无忧 4. How does it change our lives? 5. What is it used for?


S1: What invention would you like to create?

S2: I would like to …

第4课时Listening and speaking 口语无忧 S1: What will it look like and how will it work? S2: It will look like … It will help … S1: What will it be used for?

S2: If we have trouble …, it will …

第4课时Listening and speaking 口语无忧 Report like this: I want to invent a machine to help the blind read __________________________________________ words more easily. It will look like a ring on a person's __________________________________________ finger. It will scan (扫描) the words on the paper. __________________________________________ When people have trouble reading, the computer __________________________________________ in it will read the words loud. It will work more quickly __________________________________________

than any other reading machine. _________________________________________

第4课时Listening and speaking 课堂练习 一、中英文互译 一副眼镜 1. a pair of glasses_____________________ in(the) front of 2. 在……的前面 ___________________ keep warm 3. 保暖 _____________________

谈论 4. talk about _____________________ at the same time 5. 同时 ___________________
6. 使……更漂亮 make __________________ … more beautiful

第4课时Listening and speaking 课堂练习 二、思维导图复述 根据教材P51的课文内容完成下面的思维导图,再根 据思维导图,复述该篇课文的内容。
Travelling became faster and more comfortables Carriages, trains and cars Alexander Graham Bell, 1876

People could speak to each other over long distances
Thomas Edison,1879 People can do as many things in the evenings as they can in the daytime

第4课时Listening and speaking 课堂练习 课文复述:

_________________________________________ There are many great inventions in history,
_________________________________________ such as the wheel, the telephone and the light bulb.

_________________________________________ After the wheel‘s invention, travelling became
_________________________________________ faster and more comfortable. People used wheels

_________________________________________ on carriages, trains and cars.In 1876, Alexander
_________________________________________ Graham Bell invented the first practical telephone. _________________________________________ It made people can speak to each other over long

第4课时Listening and speaking 课堂练习 课文复述:

_________________________________________ distances. Thomas Edison invented the light
_________________________________________ bulb in 1879. With light bulbs, people can do as

_________________________________________ many things in the evenings as they can in the
_________________________________________ daytime.

_________________________________________ _________________________________________

第5课时Writing 写作乐园 话题四 网上购物 【短文写作】时下,网上购物已风靡全国,通过网络 几乎可以买到你想要的一切物品,而中国网民的网上 购物热情也节节高涨。你或你身边的亲戚朋友应该或 多或少都经历过网上购物。请以“Shopping online” 为题写一篇短文,谈谈你对网上购物的利与弊的认识。 要求:语意连贯,条理清楚;80词左右。 Shopping online _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ ________________________________________

第5课时Writing 写作乐园 【写作指导】 此篇作文为半提示性的命题作文, 主要内容是就网上购物的利与弊来写一篇议论文。 在写作过程中要明确以下几点:

1. 若是从自己的角度谈论,可以用第一人称;若是从

2. 时态选用一般现在时,先介绍网购的背景,之后提

3. 为增加文章的可读性,可适当使用关联词和复合句。

第5课时Writing 写作乐园 【范文赏析】 Shopping online Online shopping is a new way of shopping. It

has a lot of advantages. First, online shopping is
fast and convenient, so you can save a lot of time.

Second, you can buy cheaper products. Besides,
you can shop whenever you like because the online

shops are open 24 hours a day.

第5课时Writing 写作乐园 But on the other hand, it has some disadvantages. For example, while shopping, we can’t check the goods by ourselves, so we don‘t

know whether the quality of the goods is good or
bad. What’s worse, it is not safe to pay online.

In my opinion, we should learn how to make
good use of the Internet resources, but we must

think twice before we decide to buy goods on the

第5课时Writing 课堂练习 一、翻译下列句子 1. 电脑是20世纪最伟大的发明之一。 Computer is one of the greatest inventions in the ________________________________________ 20th century. 2. 第一台电脑很大且价格昂贵。 The first computer was very big and the price was ________________________________________ very high. 3. 电脑变得越来越小且越来越便宜。 Computer is becoming smaller and cheaper. ________________________________________

第5课时Writing 课堂练习 4. 现在,电脑在人们日常生活中被广泛地使用。 Computers are widely used in people's daily life ________________________________________ now. 5. 电脑使得我们的生活越来越丰富多彩。

________________________________________ Computers make our life much more colourful.

第5课时Writing 课堂练习 二、书面表达现代科技飞速发展,各种高科技产品为 我们的生活带来了极大的便利,尤其是电脑,请以 “Computer”为题,并根据下面的内容要点,写一篇

1. 电脑是20世纪最伟大的发明之一。

2. 第一台电脑在1946年诞生于美国。它体积庞大且

第5课时Writing 课堂练习 3. 现在,电脑越来越小,且价格越来越便宜。它被广 泛地运用于人们的日常生活中。语句通顺,意思连贯, 书面规范。

要求:1. 词数:80词左右(标题已给出,不计入总词
数)。2. 文章必须包含所有提示内容,并可作适当发

挥。3. 条理清楚,

第5课时Writing 课堂练习 _________________________________________ Computer _________________________________________ Computer is one of the greatest inventions in _________________________________________ the 20th century. The first computer was invented

_________________________________________ in America in 1946. It was very big and the price
_________________________________________ was very high. It was only used by banks and

_________________________________________ government organizations. Now, computer is
_________________________________________ becoming smaller and smaller and the price is

第5课时Writing 课堂练习

_________________________________________ lower and lower. It is widely used in people's daily _________________________________________ life. It is used for helping us to work and study.

_________________________________________ People can use it to chat online, search for
_________________________________________ information, watch movies, shop online and so on.

_________________________________________ It has become one of the most necessary things in
_________________________________________ our life.



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